Making Your Activism Accessible

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This is the project page for Making Your Activism Accessible, my ongoing project to produce resources for activists, campaigners and community organisers to help them make their venues, ethos and practice more accessible, both specifically for disabled people and more generally.

An assembly of various people, some visibly disabled and some not, some holding mobility aids and/or protest signs.

The resources focus on many different areas of accessibility, from physical access to geographic isolation, to the atmosphere of welcoming that community spaces have.

I am also creating some mini-booklets on various accessibility topics like gender neutral toilets, accessibility information etc.

This project is funded by my supporters on Patreon. Patrons get early access, input into the resources, and accreditation on online & printed resources!

If you would like early access to resources but can’t afford to support this work financially, please get in touch! I’ve been there, and am happy to make exceptions where necessary.

Downloadable resources

Resources are available to Patrons ahead of general availability. The following are available for the public to download and use. Please feel free to use these non-commercially. If you want to use these resources to benefit your business or for commercial purposes, please get in touch.

Gender Neutral Toilet Signage Kit

Making Your Activism Accessible: Toilets Signage Kit

My Gender Neutral Toilet Signage Kit is a short form guide to good practice on signage. It also provides numerous ready-to-use examples of signage for print or production.

You can download this resource as a booklet PDF or as a complete kit including ready-to-use examples:

Writing Good Accessibility Information

Cover of Writing good accessibility informationOne of the quickest ways you can improve the accessibility of your work is to provide clear, public accessibility information, providing detail and clarity on your venues and practice.

Information on physical venues, sensory environments, hearing loops and subtitled media, accessible resources, rest rooms and toilets is all important to provide! Access information benefits disabled people greatly, but also helps parents and guardians, carers and trans folks among others!

I’ve produced a booklet on writing good accessibility information, suitable for anyone running venues or community projects. This is one chapter of the full Making Your Activism Accessible project.

Resources in progress

Making Your Activism Accessible: The Guide

Making Your Activism Accessible

The long-form resource on how to make your activism accessible, which covers dozens of areas and a start-to-finish approach to the topic, is an ongoing available which is available to Patreon supporters only until final publication.

The publication will cover, among other things:

  • What is accessibi­lity anyway?
  • Why we need accessible activism
    • Representation matters
    • Nothing About Us Without Us
    • Respecting disabled lives
    • Accessibility benefits everyone
  • Types of barrier to access
    • Physical access
    • Sensory environments
    • Transport access
    • Economic
  • The importance of being accessible
    • Social duty
    • Legal obligation
    • Setting a precedent
  • Practical advice
    • Where to begin
    • Indoor events
    • Outdoor events
    • Online spaces
    • Community organising
    • Accessibility information
    • Travel
    • Addressing discrimination
  • Ensuring sustainability of your work
  • Other resources


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