I release some of my design work for free, and use some of it for funding my work and getting cool stuff into people’s hands. On this page you can see what I’m currently selling. Get in touch if you have requests!

Gender is a Universe

Gender is a Universe is trans pride. We shine like stars!

You can get this lovely design as rainbow holographic stickers or as lovely soft tshirts and hoodies!

Get rainbow holographic stickers   Get lovely soft Gender is a Universe clothes

Trans And Tired

A purple tshirt, blue sweatshirt and maroon hoodie all bearing the words "trans and tired" with a white zzz emoji
I’m trans, and I’m so so tired. If you’re trans, you’re probably a bit exhausted too. These hoodies are perfect for snuggling in for when you’re trans and tired.

Get lovely soft Trans And Tired clothes

Not All Disabilities Are Visible

Purple tshirt and blue hoodie emblazoned with "Not all disabilities are visible"

Disability is as diverse as life itself!

Get vinyl stickers Get lovely soft Not All Disabilities Are Visible clothes

Wheelie Queer

Green tshirt and red hoodie emblazoned with "Wheelie Queer" and a graphic of a manual wheelchair user self-propelling
For folks who’re just so wheelie wheelie queer and need to show it! Available as a lovely selection of colourful tshirts and hoodies.

Get Wheelie Queer badges Get lovely soft Wheelie Queer clothes