The Bilbo BBOX


Thanks for all your interest in the BBOX! These are now sold out. Check back in September 2019 for the 2019 BBOX!

I’ve been working on a big box of Bilbo blessings for the big boy fans for a while now, and I’m so excited to launch it! The BilboBBOX will be available globally, is put together by hand with the help of Bilbo himself, and each one is lovingly sealed with wax bearing the boy’s face!

Every BBOX has the same beautiful boy bounty, and everything is designed by myself and local queer artists. Inside, you can find:

  • A bright graphic mug featuring many cartoon boys, by Freya Bramwell
  • A motivational and colourful A3 size 2019 wall calendar
  • 3 beautiful enamel pins, by Kit Rees and Doodlecats
  • A set of boy-coloured dice
  • A high quality A3 poster of hundreds of boy pics for when you’re feeling blue
  • Wrapped in a Bilbo wax seal ribbon to use on your own fancy letter, or for awarding your cats with legitimate qualifications
  • A sticker selection featuring art by Freya Bramwell
  • A lovely postcard
  • Since I couldn’t fit an entire IKEA TOFTBO bathmat into every BBOX, there’s an approximation wife lining the floor of every BBOX.

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Every BBOX is a labour of love and will be slightly different due to the hand-made and hand-assembled nature of them. Plus, every BBOX has a handwritten thank you letter, which you can customise if you’re sending it to a friend or loved one. The box is a premium card postage box, filled out with shredded tissue paper and wrapped in bright orange ribbon, sealed with the boy’s face in wax. The whole thing is wrapped in a waterproof postage bag to protect it on its way to you!

All of this is being done by me in my home office, a tiny little space, so although it may not beat out the professionals for fit and finish, I’m putting a lot of effort into this to make them genuinely lovely.

Receiving your BBOX

Due to sheer demand, posting will take place in the first and second weeks of December. All orders will be posted before the last dates for the holiday post in your region.

Orders will be processed in the order that they are received, and will be posted out in the first week of December all being well. UK domestic postage will take 1-3 days depending on the service you choose, and international postage can take 2-8 days depending on your location and the service you choose.

Postage rates

Postal rates for the BilboBBOX are subsidised and a range are offered to suit everyone’s budget. If you can’t afford postage, please get in touch.

I recommend using a tracked postage method if you can, for peace of mind and easier resolution should something happen to it in transit. All BBOXes are bubble wrapped for their own protection!

Choose your price from £25 plus postage!

Over 8,000 of you love Bilbo, and I know not all of us have access to as much resources as we’d like, so I’ve tried to keep the price of the BBOX down as much as possible, and am offering the whole box for just £25 plus postage.

Anything additional you decide to pay goes to support me and the Bilbo boy, and both of our important work! The default price will be £37.50, but feel free to choose as low as £25 – no judgement whatsoever.

Still can’t afford it? Get in touch with me and I’ll see what I can do.

Also, a few of the items available in the box will be available separately at a later date.

Would you like to support someone who can’t afford it to get this lovely gift? Paying more for your BBOX or adding a tip helps me afford to send others at reduced rates, free shipping or completely free!

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