The Trans Creators’ Fund

Trans activists, creators, scholars and organisers need the tools to succeed. Often we are reliant on successfully getting one of extremely few paid posts, or running ourselves into the ground for years (like how I did) until their situation improves.

This isn’t ideal.

Become a PatronSo, to help with a tiny part of that problem, I’m starting a small fund, called the Trans Creators’ Fund, to support several trans people a year to get a start in a project that they’re passionate about. Whether that means getting a local trans group set up, starting an educational YouTube series in their native language, contributing to the cost of living for someone starting out in activism, or doing something I can’t even imagine yet, the TCF will distribute a modest amount of funding to individuals who want to do great work.

The fund will be financed directly via Patreon, with additional sources possible in future. As of 25th January 2019, the fund is expected to be around $550 USD per month (~£420). You can help it grow by pledging!

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The TCF will award a number of individuals per year, with each person getting support for 1-3 months, with the full amount received by Patreon going directly to them through a specific business bank/PayPal account set up for the purpose.

The idea is that this is different from specific fundraisers like medical and legal fundraisers as seen on #transcrowdfund. Those are crucial and need so much support, but this is specifically for people with an idea to create something for others but who need a helping hand to do so.

Who can apply

Funding is open to all trans people globally who don’t have the resources to do what they want to do.

Whether you’re unemployed and want to get your creative enterprise off the ground, or you’re trying to branch out into human rights work for the first time and need to cover your rent for a month, you’re welcome to apply.

There is no upper age limit for the fund, but there is a general lower age limit of 16 for legal and child protection reasons. I particularly welcome applicants who are disabled, who are on very low incomes, and those from the global South.

You can apply if you’ve worked with me before or been a friend, but you must disclose this as it may be a conflict of interest.

You can’t apply if you have ample funds for the project or work you wish to do.

The fund is not available for established organisations, though small groups of individuals working together on a project or collaborating on something are welcome to apply!

What supporters get in return

Patreon supporters will have good advance notice of new recipients, so they can put in comments or concerns about awards. New recipients will get access to the Patreon account so that they can keep everyone abreast of their work with behind-the-scenes info, the things they discover along the way, and the problems they encounter.

A Discord server will be available for all $5+ Patrons, to get as involved as they wish! Whether you want to throw $1 a month to support budding trans creators, or whether you want to be directly helping the awarded individuals with your own expertise, you are welcome to get as involved as you wish.

When the fund launches

The fund will be live from March 2019 with the first payment being made to a recipient on the 5th March. This first recipient will be chosen privately to iron out the problems with the process and to be a beta-tester as such. Open applications will be accepted from February 1st.

What you can expect as a recipient

When applications open, you’ll be welcomed to apply online or by post, with a deadline 4 weeks from the closing date for the first publicly advertised recipient. The first recipient overall is being selectively chosen ahead of time to test the project safely and to iron out the problems.

You’ll be asked for details about yourself, including where you’re from, what your age is and how you identify. This is to help ensure different groups of people experience the fund over time and to avoid overly-local awards.

Recipients will be chosen by a select group of experts in the field, with advice sought from the actual funders – supporters on Patreon.

If you are awarded the TCF for a given period, you can expect to receive the full amount given from Patreon (after Patreon fees and your bank’s fees if applicable) on the 5th day of the month unless otherwise agreed. Payment will be made to a verified bank or PayPal account. If you’ve been awarded the amount for more than one month, you’ll be paid again on the 5th of the following month until your award ends.

You’ll be given a special role in the Discord server and access to the Patreon account, and will generally be expected to give regular updates, perhaps once a week. These can be short and sweet, but something to let people know what you’re up to.

You’ll have access to advice from myself and other folks in the field, as well as from Patreon supporters and Discord server members. Please lean on us for anything you need, and tell us early if you encounter any problems.

This fund isn’t contingent on you achieving 100% of what you set out to do. If you try something earnestly and it doesn’t work out, it’s quite OK! Don’t let this fear put you off applying.

You are liable for the money once you receive it, and I will not be responsible for debts or other liabilities accrued unless agreed in advance. This does not affect your statutory rights.

The fund is established in Northern Ireland and is therefore subject to the law of this jurisdiction.

If you have any questions

Please feel free to contact me at any point.

If you’d like to support the TCF

Thanks! You can do so now by pledging on Patreon or by getting in touch to discuss other ways to support.

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